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Smack this

Godsmack is yet another Massachusetts band that rule

old school METAL

a band from my home state that rules the world


Tool not from my state ,but still rule As for a picture ???? they don't like photos

Another Boston band ,who I actually know!

below is the updated Jack Drag line up of John, Blake,and Joe. Missing is Jason the drummer . THE NEW jACK dRAG CD IS OUT BUT ONLY IN EUROPE , HOWEVER YOU CAN PURCHASE IT ONLINE  THROUGH THEIR RELEASE LABEL

John Blake and Joejpg

another web page with more music links

By now you are thinking . " what the.....?. My music  taste changes alot. Here is the list of bands that I listen to  who I have  not add sites for
Sisters of mercy
The Ramones ( rip  DEE Dee and Joey)
The Beatles    ( George was always my favorite)
Buddy Holly
Glenn Miller
Twisted Sister
Talking Heads
Spinning Jenny ( friends  from Boston)
the Mitchels
the Rodneys ( Friends band)
Duran Duran
J.Geils Band

Gary numan

king Crimson


Dirt bike riders; Actual size=240 pixels wide